Located in Wangara, O'Connor & Welshpool
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About Us

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About We Want Your Wheels

At We Want Your Wheels, we dream big. Our aim is to be the biggest, most trusted car buying company in Western Australia. Our branch in Wangara (Perth) was our first and O’Connor opened not long after. We’ve since opened another branch in Welshpool and are looking to expand even further in the near future. So, before you trade in or sell privately, come to We Want Your Wheels, see what we can offer and sell your car quick!

Buy my car! 

We kept hearing about how difficult it is for everyday people to sell their cars privately in the current market. If they were not looking to purchase another vehicle by trading their old vehicle at a dealership for another, they were left in a difficult situation.

That’s where we come in!

How we work is very simple, we inspect your car and consult our extensive dealer network. This is a quick process as we know who buys what cars and, most importantly, who pays the most for different types of vehicles. We are part of the largest dealer network in Perth, so we give you best possible price on your vehicle.

This is all done on the spot and only takes about 10 minutes, so we can offer you an obligation free price there and then. We purchase the vehicle directly from you and take care of the transfer of ownership. Cash for cars- we also pay on the spot either by cheque or EFT.