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Sell your car for cash today and be happy

How to Sell Your Car: Experts Selling Tips

People don’t  keep the same car for as long as they used to these days, with ever-changing advancements in vehicle safety, technology and comfort and convenience features, it can often cost you more to maintain an older car as opposed to upgrading to something safer and more reliable and comfortable.

What are the options to sell your car in Perth?

1. Selling your car privately

The difficulty in selling your car privately is the fact that you simply cannot tell when your vehicle will be sold and the money deposited in your bank. This issue is further compounded when a vehicle is under a finance contract or has multiple PPSR Interests. Sure you may get lucky, but we are forever hearing stories about customers attempting to sell cars privately without success even after months of advertising. Plus the stresses of  how much to sell it for… have you ever asked yourself, “what is the market value of my car”?

Our online process and customer first philosophy is designed to make the process of selling your car as easy and convenient as possible. Our customers’ privacy and security always comes first!

2.Trading your car in to a dealership

Trading in your car to a dealer when purchasing a new/used vehicle can be the most common way to move from one car to the next but not always the best.

A dealership will look at the vehicle and decide whether it is a car they want for stock or whether this is a car they would wholesale.  If they want the vehicle for stock, it is in their interest to purchase the car as cheap as possible so they have a larger margin when they come to sell it.

If they want to wholesale the vehicle, they probably have a few dealers they could call on to try and move the vehicle. Generally, you will be offered the price given to them by the wholesaler or perhaps a lower price so they can make a profit on the wholesale transaction of the car.

It is easy to fall into the trap of looking at a trade-in price and assuming you have been offered a good deal. Most dealers will work on the fact that they have some margin in the car your buying and can inflate the price of the trade accordingly to make the deal presented more appealing, remember its the change over figure that’s important.

3. Value my car and sell my car for cash in four easy, no fuss steps!

At We Want Your Wheels, we will pay cash for any car, any make, any model, any age, any kilometres, in any condition, eliminating the hassle of selling privately and putting you in the drivers seat should you choose to negotiate a deal on a replacement vehicle.

If you’re living in Western Australia we have three locations in Perth. So after you have requested your free car valuation you could visit our Wangara, O’Connor or Welshpool yard, whichever is closest to you.