Car Valuation: How to Find Your Car’s Value for Free

September 25, 2018

Using the Online Car Value VIN Lookup Tool

Car valuations no longer require an in-depth examination, do not take a long time and in fact it is now possible to achieve accurate estimations as to your car’s value using an online VIN search and car valuation tool. Try our car valuation tool for yourself, all you need is your car’s VIN number, and about two minutes. If you don’t have your VIN number, general information such as year, make, model and manual/automatic transmission may be enough depending on your car.


We Want Your Wheels free online car valuation tool is accurate, fast and hassle free. Get a car valuation in minutes and if you are not happy with the value shown, or feel your car’s value is higher, we have you covered. Simply call We Want Your Wheels on 08 9409 2227 and ask us to revalue your car. Our Perth based expert assessors located north of the river in Wangara, south of the river in O’Connor and centrally in Welshpool will be able to provide you with a reassessment. We want your wheels, and we pay what your car is worth, so if our car valuation tool has missed something important, our car evaluation experts will make another valuation based on a visual inspection.


Free Car Valuation

Looking to upgrade to a new car and don’t know what to do with your old car? Get your car valued now and you can start shopping for a new car, confident that you know how much you will get for you old vehicle. Car valuations are free, fast and accurate, so with nothing to lose start now by using our car valuation tool.