How Your Service Schedule Helps Your Vehicle Retain Value

September 25, 2018

One of the most important things to remember with your new or second-hand car purchase is to maintain your vehicle to a good standard. As our vehicles become more modern and sophisticated it is imperative that all the working parts — like the engine, gearbox, etc. — are serviced regularly and to the manufacturer’s standards.

This does not mean you have to take your vehicle in for service at that manufacturer’s dealership as it can be serviced at any number of reputable workshops. But make sure that your car is tuned to the specification/standard the manufacturer recommends and keep in mind that certain vehicles will only run correctly with a certain type of oil.

Make sure your workshop knows this or you could pay dearly. And before you leave, make sure your log books have been stamped to verify that the services have been carried out.

Optional Servicing Costs

Most Dealers/Manufactures offer fixed price servicing which means you will know well in advance as to what your servicing costs will are going to be often for as long as or up to five years.

This covers costs of the basic requirements to keep the new car warranty valid however some dealers may recommend some additional options such as brake pads, pollen filters, wiper blades, timing belts, wheel alignment, emission flush, etc. Whilst these are not essential they can help to maintain the vehicle and save you on costly repairs in the future. It is very important that you get the vehicle serviced regularly and that the log books be stamped because when selling or trading in your vehicle, etc.

When selling or trading in your vehicle, trained valuers look for consistent service history. This will not only increase the value of your vehicle but provide trouble-free motoring.

Servicing areas/components to consider:

  • Regular oil changes: To the manufacturer’s minimum specifications
  • Wheel alignment: A badly aligned vehicle will wear out its tyres quicker
  • Tyre pressure check: Incorrectly pressurised tyres will wear out sooner
  • Check and replace coolant as required
  • Replace timing chains or belts as required
  • Service automatic gearbox to prevent costly repairs
  • Use the correct type of fuel: this will help keep your EFI system clean
  • Fuel injection/flushing cleaning : To increase your car’s fuel efficiency

These are important considerations as the rate of technological change affects how long people are prepared to hang onto their vehicles. Older model cars — especially those that have not been maintained to a strict service schedule — are perceived as less valuable and this is reflected in the price that sellers can ask for.

Fortunately, you have a number of options available when selling your car and if you’re at all unsure about what your vehicle is worth, head to our site and take advantage of our 4-Step Car Valuation process. You can also contact us on 08 9409 2227 if you’d like to speak to us directly.