The Lifespan of Used Cars

February 13, 2019

There are many benefits to knowing the history of something and this is especially true when talking about used cars. However, there are only a few used car buyers who have a deep understanding of where their newly purchased vehicle came from, what they’ve been through and how they came to the seller. Having a good understanding of a used vehicle’s life cycle will help you ask the proper questions and make better decisions regarding your purchase.


Starting Out New


Every used car starts its life as a new vehicle and it is also in this stage of their life which can affect the quality of a used car significantly. Some used cars had been maintained well by their previous owners while others have sustained a lot of damage and have gone through accidents which can have long-term effects. The good news is that there are tools today that can give the prospective buyers an idea of a vehicle’s lifecycle. It is important to request a car report before making a purchase to check for past damages which can impact its value.


Trade-Ins with a Dealer


Once the original owners have moved on from their old cars, many of them would end up at a car dealership through a trade-in. This process will require the new car buyer to have their old car sold for credit so that they can buy a new one. In a lot of ways, these are some of the best-used cars you can find since the dealers would usually have all of their past maintenance records on hand and are confident in their condition overall.


Getting a Used Car Through Auctions


Another way for you to get a used car is to find them on an auction lot from a dealership. These auctions are a huge part of a used car inventory for many shops today. The cars that are auctioned here can come from a range of vendors such as with government agencies, car rental firms, banks and such. It is even possible for some car dealerships to sell their vehicles through auctions if they have surplus trade-in units. Many dealers would attend these events to look for vehicles that they can resell for a profit.


Undergoing Inspections


Whether the vehicle was obtained from a private seller, trade in or an auction, these used cars all go through a thorough inspection process after they have arrived. Expert mechanics will carefully do a checkup upon receiving the vehicle to assess its condition and spot any problems that need fixing. There are many reputable used car dealers today that make sure every vehicle they sell is in tiptop shape before being handed over to their customers.

In the end, used cars will stay with their owner for some time until they eventually have traveled their last road. Alternatively, they will move from car owner to car owner  until they are deemed unroad worthy and sent to the wreckers or abandoned.