Sell Your Car in 4 Simple Steps

February 13, 2019

A long time ago, deciding to sell your car took a lot of time and effort to accomplish. This often meant having to advertise your vehicle through ads, listings or through word of mouth hoping that someone will stumble upon and find interest in it. Trading in your car for another vehicle is also another thing that you can do today but can be time-intensive and often result in stress, frustration and much wasted time.


At We Want Your Wheels, we have made this process a whole lot simpler. We have experts who can assess the true value of your vehicle so you are confident in letting go. Our company is ready to give you a fair price whether your vehicle is old or new and in whatever condition they are in. If your car has four wheels, you can be assured that we’re interested in it and we will also make you a serious offer too!


How Can I Sell My Car Online?


If you’ve decided to sell your car with us, then you’re in for a treat. The process is a very easy and simple thing to follow and the valuation process only takes three steps to accomplish. Once you’re done with that, we will send you an offer and then you can make a vehicle inspection appointment afterwards.


Vehicle inspections are important because they will help both you and our experts identify the true value of your vehicle before being sold. Having in-depth knowledge of your car is important when you decide to sell it because you’ll know at what price range you can ask for it. Our experienced technicians will take a careful look at your car to make sure that everything has been checked and marked off.


The great thing about deciding to sell your car to us is that we will buy any vehicle, any make, any age, any model, any mileage and in any condition that they are in.


Making Use of Our Free Car Valuation


As we mentioned earlier, doing the research behind your car before deciding to sell it is of utmost importance for serious individuals. We are also happy to provide you with a free car valuation tool which you can find on our website so that you can have an idea of the price of your car.

Simply type in the vehicle’s details requested and then follow the prompts to get an easy and free online valuation. It is really that simple and you can go ahead and visit one of our shops to continue with the transaction.

The combined experiences and relationships that we have within the automotive industry allows us to give you the best prices for your vehicle without much fuss. Once you have decided to go and sell your car with us, we can give you the payment to it right away. You can choose to get cash directly or to your finance company if you still owe them money.


Sell My Car Today


So what are you waiting for? Come and visit We Want Your Wheels at either our Wangara, Osborne Park or Welshpool offices to get the transaction going and avoid any stress when deciding to sell your car.